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We are a state-funded Academy serving the local communities of Tower Hamlets.


Walk around our school any time, any day, and you will see classrooms where children and adults are alive with energy, passion and inspiration. Classrooms which are an endless joy, and a great privilege to see and to share.


Our video gallery shows the abundant enthusiasm and excitement generated by the children, but please come along and see it all for yourselves. We are very proud of our school and are always delighted to show you around. 

Avril Newman,



WE ARE A SUNDAY TIMES TOP STATE PRIMARY SCHOOL, for the third year running: 2020, 2021, and now 2022.

Our SATs results for 2022 show 82% of children achieving the expected standard or above across all subjects, with 50% achieving the higher level in Maths and over 50% doing so in the Grammar test. We are in the top 20% of schools nationally for attainment in Year 1 Phonics, in Reading and Writing at Key Stage One and in Writing, Maths and Grammar in Key Stage 2. We are in the top 20% nationally for progress in Writing and Maths.

Click HERE for our 2022 SATs results.


Click HERE to see the DfE Comparative School Performance Data which shows how we benchmark against similar schools, and all schools nationally. Click HERE for our School Improvement Plan and here to view our SWB Self Evaluation.

For general enquiries please contact Sarah Sargeant on 020 7987 2147 or on The school postal address is Sir William Burrough School, Salmon Lane, London, E14 7PQ.


Chair of Governors: Dennis Twomey, who can be reached at the school address.


Headteacher: Avril Newman


SENDCO: Helen Green.


Latest Cup of Tea ACTION Points


Half Term Starts

13 Feb 2023

Half Term Ends

17 Feb 2023

Last Day of Term

31 Mar 2023

First Day of Term

17 Apr 2023

Bank Holiday

1 May 2023

Coronation Day

8 May 2023

Last Day of Term

25 May 2023


26 May 2023


5 Jun 2023

First Day of Term

6 Jun 2023


29 Jun 2023

Last Day of Term

21 Jul 2023

Christmas Celebrations 2022

Summer Term 2022

Reception Graduation 2022

Spring Concert

World Book Day 2022

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