You can do it

Our "You Can Do It" programme keeps levels of confidence, and resilience high, and is deeply woven into our relationships of respect, kindness, tolerance and courtesy. We expect the highest standards of conduct and behaviour, and the children meet and often exceed our expectations.Our Behaviour Policy sets out how we respond on the very rare occasions when behaviour is unacceptable.


Sir William Burrough is a highly diverse and fully inclusive culture. The progress, wellbeing, and safety of all our children is our prime concern. Our Special Needs, Equality and Safeguarding Policies detail our unconditional commitment to safety and equality of opportunity for every child. Safeguarding and Child Protection is of paramount importance to us, and we comply fully with the statutory guidance as specified in "Keeping Children Safe In Education" - DfE Sept 2020, which can be found here.

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Sir William Burrough School, Salmon Lane, Limehouse, London E14 7PQ